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Nichita`s Trick

15 Noiembrie 2006
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An area of 6,170 square metres from the Park of Exhibition has been taken into possession by a firm which holds Vanatorul Terrase by a simple tax testimony.In the files for turning back the land, a municipal office worker signed in the name of the Local Board ,without having been vested in this sense. The brave mayor of Iasi ,Gheorghe Nichita ,had heard about this boorishness , but he decided not to react. Moreover, on the 1st of May, Nichita celebrated together with hundreds of people,his victory for PSD`s chair in Iasi, at Vanatorul Terrase. Although it could be thought that after the ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru`s arrest ,all the abuses related to land in Iasi have been done at the Square House ,the situation being not this at all,as long as this scourge has touched the Townhall from Iasi ,led by engineer Gheorghe Nichita from 2004.
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