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Niculescu Becomes Ridiculous

17 Februarie 2007
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Niculae Niculescu, the character who unjustly makes a boast of being the rector of the University" Petre Andrei", has got to ridiculous actions, appropriate to a little shifter. Yesterday, Niculescu held to daze the graduate students from the Faculty of Psychology and Social Assistance by posting an announcement through which he warned them that the license examination was not organized according to the methodology.

"We are going to support the license exam under the legal conditions we have been monitored by the Ministry of Education and Research ", stated Doru Tompea, the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Social Assistance.
Having been invalidated by the three Ministers of Education and almost tufted from the perimeter of the most powerful private university from Moldova, Niculescu has appealed to some cheap chicaneries which only disqualify him. At the institution's main entrance, the graduates who have not gone in for the license exam during this session have been deceived by an announcement through which they have been informed that the examination might be illegal.

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