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Niculescu Blunders

24 Aprilie 2007
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Niculae G. Niculescu, the famous rector from "Petre Andrei", intended to take in the bench, trying to make the judges believe that Petre Andrei University is nothing but a non-governmental organization, founded in 1999 and which was accredited by law afterwards, in 2002. The bench has rejected Niculescu's demand, showing clearly that there is no connection between Niculescu's non-governmental organization and "Petre Andrei" University of Iasi, set up by law.
Having been invalidated by three Ministers of Education and having lost his apparent function of rector, Niculae G. Niculescu, the person who considers himself the rector of "Petre Andrei" University, begins to blunder, by marking for his opponents. At the beginning of April, the pretended rector from "Petre Andrei" lodged a complaint formulated by the non-governmental he represented (called "Petre Andrei University"), by which he solicited the notification for the university's accredited mention.
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