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Niculescu on the dust pan

15 Ianuarie 2007
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The law for the private education which came into force at the end of the last year managed to inflict the death blow to the impostor Rector Niculaie Niculescu. Thus, the law assesses that the promoters of the university certified through the respective law are those foundations where the universities used to function initially. Concerning the University "Petre Andrei", its founder is the Academic Foundation "Petre Andrei", set up in 1990, which also disposes patrimonial rights over the university. According to the documents owned by the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi, Niculescu and Andronovici appear only in 1991 on the background of the University "Petre Andrei"; until that moment they had been just the owners of an academic counter through which they would have schooled the students at the legal limit. In other words, never has Niculescu been the founder of the university, but only a simple employee, not having any right over the patrimony of the respective university of Iasi. A law coming into force at the end of the last year succeeded in actuating the private education from Iasi. Thus, the law 480/2006 which refers to the integration of the Romanian legislation- in what concerns the private education- to the European standards re-establishes the normal relations between the universities set up by law and the foundations from which they have separated.
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