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Non-smokers Cause Bankruptcy to Bars

3 Februarie 2007
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The bars and restaurants from Iasi where smoking has been forbidden have no customers. At the same time, inside the bars where smoking is allowed, the customers crowd for having a table. According to the law, the owners of the public pubs that do not have the possibility to delimit special rooms for non-smokers should not allow the customers smoke. This requirement has to be visible. The owners of bars or restaurants from Iasi who have opted for the latter solution have remained with their bars empty, in only three weeks their encashment being with 30 per cent lower. The bars and the restaurants where smoking is not allowed have remained without customers and are to fail or to rent the space for other activities. Despite the fact Law 349 obliges the bars, restaurants and discotheques to mark the space for smokers and to offer them an airing appropriate, so that the polluted air cannot penetrate the non-smokers' room, the most of the owners in such a case have begun to conform more seriously from the January 1, 2007.
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