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One Millennium's Imprisonment for the Demons in Iasi

30 Decembrie 2006
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This year, the prosecutors from Iasi have punished with approximately 1000 years of prison. The most famous murderer sentenced this year is Robert Ciobanu, the one who killed Larisa Chelaru. Another murderer managed to be released after having swallowed a handful of pills when being in detention. " She was dead when I raped her. I had been having the knife with me for two months and had decided to murder someone, because I used to feel persecuted by God", explained a murderer to the judges. The security guards from Billa supermarket have been given 54 years' imprisonment. The reporters from ZIUA of Iasi are going to present only some of the most popular files. In 2006, the judges from Iasi have punished continuously dozens of murderers. The punishments given by the judges from all the instances of Iasi, respectively the Court of Appeal Iasi and the Law-Court totalize approximately 1000 years of prison. The most known convicted murderer is Robert Ciobanu, the 18 year youngman who killed little Larisa Chelaru, from Lunca Cetatuii.
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