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One Million Euro Loss Daily

15 Noiembrie 2006
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The county`s financial loss, in case of a general strike of the office workers would surpass any imagination. Only one day of strike would bring a loss of more than one million Euro to the institutions related to these office workers. Only the Financial Department operates daily more than 17 billion lei(1,7 million RON). To this sum there should be taken into account the fact that, on Novembre,20 when the office workers` strike is planned,the House of Pensions is having transactions of 3,6 billion lei (360 million RON).In this case, 11,145 pensioners with an average income of 3,23 million lei (323 RON) could not receive their proper rights in time. The county`s office workers are preparing to start a general strike for next Monday ,on the 20th of Novembre. In case the trade-unions are not invited to negociate , a general strike after the warning strike from two days ago would generate a real chaos within the state institutions. The activity would be paralysed , and it is the tax payers who are going to suffer the most.
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