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One More Chouse for Magda Tepoi

4 Aprilie 2007
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The Chamber of Commerce for Region One North-East Romania, managed by Magda Tepoi, is being put in charged with having sharked off the Federation of the Owners' Associations of Bacau. The representatives of the Federation of the Owners' Associations of Bacau have instituted proceedings against the Chamber of Commerce of Region One North- East Romania in order to recover an amount of about 200 million Lei (20 thousand RON).

The man of business of Bacau Ioan Raducanu, the leader of the Federation of the Owners' Associations of Bacau, has demanded the magistrates from the Court of Iasi to lay a conservative seizure upon the movable and immovable properties of the company's managed by Magda Tepoi. This distraint is going to be levied by the moment of settlement related to the restoration of property, a demand that represents another docket's object.

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