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One Thusand Citizens of Iasi Found a Job

21 Aprilie 2007
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More than a half of the people present to the Jobs' Market left with a positive response from the economic agents. From the 1818 persons present, there were selected for employment about 925, and 75 have already left with a job. The lobby of the Cultural Students House proved to be narrow for more than 1800 people who came in order to find a job. Long time before the official opening of the Jobs' Market, the people had already been waiting on the treads until the gates opened, hoping they would be the first to enter and they would have the best offer.
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George SMADU  | #11599
Each of one thousand citizens in Iasi got a job.

More than a half of the Job Market`s participants, in Iasi, walked away with a positive response. The companies and firms present to this event, selected about 925 candidates for various positions, out of whom, 75 have already been confirmed.

The lounge of Students House (Cultural Students House nu are niciun sens) in Iasi , proved to be too small ( narrow = ingusta si deci nu are sens) for more than 1800 job seekers who came to look for a job. Long time before the official opening of the Jobs` Market, the job hunters gathered in front of the gates, hoping for the very best when they ( the gates) got open.
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