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Only One Minister Have Confirmed the Presence at the Palace`s Ball

17 Noiembrie 2006
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From among 500 guests, only about 200 have confirmed their presence at the Palace`s Ball. Ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru has been publicly invited to this event . Mayor Gheorghe Nichita has not given any answer so far. Among the central personalities, only the Minister of Culture , Adrian Iorgulescu, has confirmed his participation.

Although prefect Nicusor Paduraru has sent about 500 invitations for the Palace`s Ball, only 200 people have confirmed their participation to the event, fact which proves that the sum of 500 Euro as tax for participation is peppered enough for this event. Because ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru was the event`s initiator, the present-day prefect Paduraru publicly invited his predecessor to this event .

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