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Only the Hospitals' Managers Can Bear Down the Ones to Be Pensioned from UMF

20 Februarie 2007
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The Minister of Health, Eugen Nicolaescu, let the hospitals' manager decide whether the heads of clinics above 65 years old could still maintain their function. The managers are going to place subcontracts with the heads of the clinics and, in case they are dissatisfied with their work, they could breach the contract.

It remains to be seen how many hospitals' managers will dare to crack down on the ones that should be pensioned at UMF, but still have this function.
The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) has invested the hospitals' managers with full power concerning the teaching staff's maintenance as heads of clinics within the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) "Gr.T.Popa", who are already 65 years. If until now it had been said that they could maintain their function only with a notice from the College of Physicians of Romania and from the Ministry of Health, things took a 180 degrees' turn.

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