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Oprea,European Congressman and Mayor from PD`s

13 Noiembrie 2006
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The democrat subsidiary`s leadership from Iasi proposes the rector of the University "Al.I.Cuza",Dumitru Oprea to nominee on PD`s lists for an European congressman`s mandate,and afterwards,in 2008, for the function of mayor for Iasi town.As a leader of the Group for Initiative which supports the liberal platform launched by Theodor Stolojan at Iasi, Dumitru Oprea seemed receptive to the democrats` proposal, but he postponed the answer by the time the discussion with the subsidiary`s leaders,respectively senator Dan Carlan and deputy Petru Movila,would have been finished.In case he answers affirmatively, the democrats condition rector Dumitru Oprea not to criticize PNL`s leadership anymore ,invoking the protocol of the Alliance D.A.

A post of European congressman and the mayor`s chair in Iasi town ,this is the democrats` proposal made to Dumitru Oprea,the rector of the University "Al.I.Cuza",at the end of the week.
The municipal organization of PD mandated senator Dan Carlan and deputy Petru Movila to make this proposal to Oprea,who has recently been expelled from PNL.

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