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Oprea Put Fenechiu Down

8 Noiembrie 2006
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Yesterday ,at the Distrct Board`s meeting ,the liberals around Dumitru Oprea registered the first victory against the group devoted to Relu Fenechiu .To adviser Marius Spanu`s proposal ,the liberals` place from the Administrative Board of the International Board of Iasi was given Vasile Cocris ,the dean of The Faculty for Economics and Business Administration from University "Al.I.Cuza" ,a supporter of rector Dumitru Oprea.Only four liberals voted for Valerian Salavastru ,deputy Fenechiu`s godson .

The liberal group around Dumitru Oprea ,the rector of University "Al.I.Cuza" ,supporters of the platform launched by Theodor Stolojan and Valeriu Stoica ,yesterday registered ,within the district Board`s plenum ,their first victory against the group led by the chairman of PNL Iasi,deputy Relu Fenechiu .Oprea`s people managed to impose Vasile Cocris inside the Administrative Board of the International Airport of Iasi.


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