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Ordered Controls And Political Pressure

18 Aprilie 2007
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Being "perched" on the leading function of the Prefect's Commission-on no legal basis- Valerian Salavastru paid attention so that the mayors, the managers of the non- concentrated institutions' or of the companies' with private capital can be controlled by the institutions subordinated to the Prefecture, only because they would be awkward to the liberals or to the interests of the liberal deputy Relu Fenechiu. Ordered controls and political pressure: that is how the ex-Sub-Prefect Tudor Leonte characterizes the work of the Prefecture of Iasi from the last two years. Yesterday, he said goodbye to the ex colleagues of work, but also to the current management of the county's administration. However, Leonte announced that he was firm, so that he would lodge an appeal to the Governmental Sentence by which he had been forced to retire.
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