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Ostensible Examination

12 Februarie 2007
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Certain doctors from the Maternity "Cuza Voda" have not even dared to go in for the doctor appointment within the Ambulatory department, as they know for sure that Dr. Anda Gheorghiu will receive this function, as she is rooted for, especially but for her father-in-law, Prosecutor Corneliu Marian Gheorghis from DNA Iasi.

Today, the daughter-in-law of Prosecutor Corneliu Marian Gheorghis, Dr. Anda Gheorghis, from the Maternity Cuza Voda, is being examined for the function of Dr. Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology within the Ambulatory department of the mentioned institution. Dr. Veronica Vasiliu has also applied for this function, but her chances seem to be minor.

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