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Pacuraru Continues Prisacaru's Illegalities

18 Iunie 2007
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The real estate business of Danescu, to which there has been retroceded an area of 20,8 hectares in Copou, is being continued by the current Prefect, Nicusor Paduraru, after having been begun by the arrested prefect, Radu Prisacaru. In this way, Prefect Nicusor Paduraru has made all that he could in order to foil the municipality of Iasi cancel the sentence of the County Land Board by which Floarea Danescu received the terrain in Copou. This happened under the circumstances that the illegalities related to this record are also being investigated by DNA's prosecutors, helped by the officers from the General Anti-Corruption Department.
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cosmar  | #14196
pacuraru ma?:))))))))
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