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Palas Project- a Project of Public Utility

16 Decembrie 2006
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Dumitru Grumazescu, manager at "Second-Hand Bookshop Galleries", member of the Board for Education, declares that Palas Project is really viable. Palas Project is going to be a project of public utility. This was one of the assertion made yesterday by the leader of Palas Project, within a meeting where there were presented the members of the six committees forming the Group of Work for the development of Palas Programme." What is in fact expected from Palas Project? To be a high-quality programmme and we do want to prove it is a project of public utility. This is proven by the fact that 50 per cent of the project`s worth is invested in this idea, and, moreover, through this project 2,500 parking lots are to be created", said Alexandru Gagea, the leader of Palas Programme.
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