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PD's and PLD's Iasi Leaders Ask the President Not to Resign

21 Aprilie 2007
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"We want to transmit President Traian Basescu not to give up. It is his option, but we hope that our piece of advice will be the decisive drop. We would like him not to resign so that he would not be qualified as a President suspended by the Parliament", stated yesterday Senator Dan Carlan. PLD's leaders also supported the democrats' message, soliciting the President rather to accept the referendum than resign. One day after the Parliament manifested the vote favorable to the suspension of President Traian Basescu, the Democrat Party's and the Liberal Democrat Party's leaders from the territory reacted, asking him not to resign. There should be mentioned that, within a public declaration of the President's, one day before the Parliament's vote, when he confirmed he would give up five minutes after the suspension.
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