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Penal File for Cosmote

10 Februarie 2007
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Cosmote mobile phone operator has destroyed the archeological site Cotnari Fortress, a building which represents a Dacian fortress from III-IV century B.C. "The works have been done without any archeologist's supervising. The Fortress' entrenchment has been covered by the land heap thrown after the working", said Lecturer Vasile Cotiuga, the one having lodged the complaint to Police. Vasile Cretu, the Mayor of Cotnari Communne, has yielded the land where the aerial is fixed, even though the land does not belong to the Mayoralty. Police has made up a penal record for the infraction of destroying the historical sites. The mobile phone operator has built an aerial on Catalina Hill, without taking into account the standards concerning building and it has also damaged a part of the Dacian Fortress which is protected by law.
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