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Plesu Leaves from Rents

5 Mai 2007
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Three quarters of the profit of SC Habitat Proiect SA Iasi, a company led by the leader of the Businessmen's Association, has been obtained from rents. The institute of research, with a long tradition in the domain, has lost its object and turned into an estate agency. The company owned by the president of the Businessmen's Association, Gheorghe Plesu, has lost the fight with the companies of the same domain in Iasi. Once being the most respected company of its type within the domain of constructions, SC Habitat Proiect SA Iasi has become a simple estate agency, under Gheorghe Plesu's leadership. Despite the fact that last year it registered quite an important profit, beyond any expectations, SC Habitat Proiect SA worked only with 25 per cent within the projections' domain. Last year's turnover was of 33, 74 billion Lei (3, 374 million RON), with 18 per cent more than the one foreseen. The gross profit of the company's managed by Gheorghe Plesu was of 9, 35 billion Lei (935, 449 RON).
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Gigel Plesu JR  | #12092
Cred ca doreati sa spuneti lives...not leaves...anyway...I guess the Plesus should leave Iasi, right....Gigel Jr know why!!!!
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