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Poisoned Water within the County

8 Martie 2007
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Disaster within Iasi County's communes. Currently, in each commune of the county's there is the risk to erupt the epidemics of hepatitis, diarrhea, cholera, dysenteries and enteric fever. Obliged by law to make yearly the analyses of the water from the public wells from each locality, the local boards have proven a total lack of interest concerning the water they drink daily hundred thousands of children and adults. For years, no mayor has ever brought samples from the wells in order to see whether the water is drinkable or not, Daily, the health of thousands of children and adults within the county is in danger and at any time there is the risk to fall ill in hepatitis type A, diarrhea, dysenteries, cholera and enteric fever because of the total lack of interest from the local boards. Annually, more than 30 babies intoxicate with nitrites, two or three of them dying but for the water with nitrites from the wells.
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