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Prisacaru, Cross-examined

8 Ianuarie 2007
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Today, there should take place the first term of the trial related to the File" Bribery for the Prefect". For today's term, Radu Prisacaru might not be interrogated, as the defendant is going to ask for another term in order to employ a lawyer. The prosecutors charge Radu Prisacaru with having taken bribery for signing a decision of the Land Resources Board's, as a Prefect of Iasi County.

Radu Prisacaru, the ex-Prefect of Iasi County, has been summoned today to come in front of the judges from the Court of Iasi, in the first term concerning the case of corruption. Besides the ex-prefect, there also should have come to the Court the other defendants from this file, respectively Flavius Ionis, Cristian Maftei and Toni Baltag. There could be no hearing for Radu Prisacaru at this term of trial, as he is going to ask for another term in order to employ a lawyer. In all likelihood, the same is going to happen in the case of the other defendants from the respective file.

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