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Prisacaru- One More Step to the Bench

4 Decembrie 2006
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This week, the four defendants from the file Bribery at the Prefecture are going to be sent to the Court through the prosecution accusation made by the magistrates from the National Anti-Corruption Department in Bucharest. The ex-prefect Radu Prisacaru and the ex-chief of ADS Iasi, Flavius Ionis, risk up to 15 years' imprisonment in case they are found guilty for having taken bribery. According to the confessions made by the investigators concerning the file Bribery at the Prefecture, during this week the prosecutors are to be vested with returning the verdict in the case where the ex-prefect of Iasi, Radu Prisacaru, together with Flavius Ionis, the ex-chief of the Agency of the State's Demesne of Iasi, and two other accessories having committed bribery acts.
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