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Prisacaru, the Fright

5 Ianuarie 2007
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The political pressure frightens the magistrates who avoid judging the File "Bribery for the Prefect". In order to eliminate any possible suspicion concerning the subjectivity of Judge Lorena Tarlion, from the Court of Iasi, she decided to formulate a claim for abstention towards the file related to Radu Prisacaru's bribery prosecution. Lorena Tarlion has worked for the office of the Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who has shelved Radu Prisacaru from his function of Prefect. Only aleatory, by a computer, has Magistrate Lorena Tarlion been chosen for this case. The judge's mates have repelled the claim and next week she is going to preside at the first term of trial. Prisacaru could get up to 15 years' detention. In only few days, there is taking place the first term of trial for the File" Bribery for the Prefect". From the very beginning, the majority of the magistrates have hoped to be lucky by not being nominated to judge this case of corruption. The potential political pressure frightens them to get involved into this file. However, it is Lorena Tarlion the unluckier judge. After the aleatory repartition made through the latest computational systems, Magistrate Lorena Tarlion has been chosen to judge the file.
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