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Public money for mommys` baby

29 Iunie 2007
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The economical director of the Regional Direction of the Romanian Roads and Bridges, Valentina Caslariu and its son divided between themselves 9,8 billions lei. The money were distributed by the Govern and were ment to pay the damages to those that were chased from the grounds that go along the National Road 17, Dej-Poiana Stampei-Vatra Dornei-Campu Lung-Sadova. Of the chased people is dealing Mihai Caslariu, the son of the economical director, that reserved himself a bonus of 100% from the money payed by the Govern. The contract with the office of attourneys that it is encharged with the metter , and where also Mihai Caslariu works, has been signed from its mother.
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