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Public Prosecutors and the judges learn not to hide public information anymore

21 Octombrie 2006
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The spokesmen of the judging instances and of the prosecutor`s offices met yesterday at the Court of Appeal in order to learn from each other how they should behave in the relationship with the press .There were present two magistrates from Germany and Netherlands ,the counselor of pre-adhension to European Union ,Dieter Schlafen and the Superior Council of Magistrature ` s spokesman. Yesterday,inside the Court of Appeal from Iasi,there took place a meeting of the magistrates that have the function of spokesmen at the prosecutor`s offices from Moldavia area. Two foreign magistrates,respectively Anneke Schreinemakers ,spokesman at the Dutch Law Court of Maastricht and Gunter Feld,spokesman at the German Law Court of Koln. This meeting from Iasi represents a part of an ample project which aims to an institutional fraternity for a better co-operation between the instances in Romania and the ones abroad.
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