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RAJAC Mockery

13 Iunie 2007
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After the scandal on the bad water supplied to the consumers for a couple of days, Manager Toma estimated the damages paid to the citizens to about two cigarettes for each RAJAC user. The counter value of two cigarettes will be cut from the water invoice for May. The word "stolidity" is too mild for qualifying the decision taken by RAJAC's Manager, Ioan Toma, who has ordered that each family should be relieved from the payment with only 3,500 Lei (0,35 RON) for May, as this month the running water, which was bad, could not be consumed. Toma states that he has taken into account an average consume for the days when the water was bad, once he decided to decrease the bill taxes with such a low sum, which represents a fake. During that period, all the inhabitants in Iasi turned the faucet to the maximum, in order to let the bad water flow, which means that an average consume is out of discussion.
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