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Rank Fake Incrimination within the Medical Environment

15 Februarie 2007
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Prof. Dr. Maria Voroneanu graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine and then she obtained the title of specialist doctor of Anesthesia and Maxillary-Facial Surgery, but she has never been a surgery dentist. Nevertheless, the College of the Surgery Dentists of Romania has certified her as a dentist. "I am not only a surgery dentist. It might be a mistake done by CMDR when analyzing my record. Now, how could I know why they were taken in? They might have given this paper to me because they are my friends", stated Prof. Dr. Maria Vorodeanu. The accusations for fake are striking again the medical world of Iasi, this time over the surgery dentists' domain. Thus, about one year ago, Prof. Dr. Maria Vorodeanu received a notice from the College of the Surgery Dentists of Romania for one more year's membership within this organization so that she could perform as a dentist.
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