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Rebellion at Dumesti

2 Decembrie 2006
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On the lands from the European roadside Iasi- Targu Frumos, reft from the villagers by the mayor of Dumesti commune, Mihai Sabaiduc, a building company has began to buid a hall for production. The villagers threaten they are coming with hayforks and axes, because their parents obtained the lands in 1921 as a reward for their fight in the First World War. Without taking into account the villagers` certificates of possession,last year Mihai Sabaiduc made out titles of property so that the land fall into his fellows` hands. Next week, as the respective firm will be passing to a superior phase in their work, the rebellions are going to spread. Probably relying on his friendship with prosecutor Emilian Eva and with the ex-chief of the Municipal Police, Relu Huma, the mayor of Dumesti commune, Mihai Sabaiduc, has turned the law into a door mat. Sabaiduc does not give a sod on the fact that the prosecutors from the General Anti-Corruption Department (DGA) started an inquiry related to the way in which he had made out the certificates for the land situated at the European roadside, which connects Iasi municipality from Targu Frumos.
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