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Rector Dragomir Made His Son- In-Law a Resident Physician without Any Examination

16 Martie 2007
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While he was married to the daughter of Rector Cristian Dragomir, Dr. Grigore Mihalache became a resident physician without any exam, but for the support of the father- in-law, who, at that time, had been Vice-rector at UMF and the Head of the Surgery Department. Dr. Grigore Mihalache is the son of Prof. Dr. Grigore Mihalache, from the Anatomy, where the son became an assistant exactly at the teaching line his father used to master. The ex-son-in-law of Prof. Dr. Cristian Dragomir, the Rector from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) "Gr.T.Popa" has obtained incredible performances without losing the nights with the learning or without staying permanently by his patient. According to the current information, in 2001, while the mates of Dr. Grogore Mihalache's were studying devilishly in order to be admitted as resident physicians, the said one succeeded in this without being examined.
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