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Rector Oprea Attacks PNL

2 Martie 2007
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"The administration of the funds to the Permanent Electoral Authority was a demand imposed to Romania by the European Union. It had been done this and, immediately after the integration, the tasks passed to the General Secretariat of the Government, so that the funds of the parties for the campaigns could be administered by PNL itself", stated yesterday Dumitru Oprea.

The leaders of the Liberal Democrat Party (PLD) Iasi accused yesterday the National Liberal Party (PNL) of having managed to promote, in February, three Urgent Orders by which they tried to exclude the political group led by Theodor Stolojan from the table of the grants offered for organizing the electoral campaigns. The leader of PLD Iasi, Dumitru Oprea, the Rector of the University "Al.I.Cuza" Iasi, sustains that PNL has succeeded in acting in such a manner that the grants offered from the state budget for the political parties' electoral campaigns to be administered by the Government General Secretariat.

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