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Relu's Bribery

29 Martie 2007
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In order to determine to execute the party's orders, Relu Fenechiu has sold to Radu Prisacaru, through the former's company- SC Fene Grup SA- 1,012 square meters of land at Bucium, I.C. Bratianu District, with a price three times less than the real one. Thus, Prisacaru has bought the estate with 20 Euros for the square meter. Moreover, Prisacaru cannot prove that he has had 724 million Lei for purchasing the area, as long as the sum does not appear on the property declaration. In spite the things declared in the middle of the last year during the arrestment of the ex- prefect, the deputy from PNL Iasi Relu Fenechiu, baron of Bahlui, he does not keep aloof from Radu Prisacaru's estate business. There should be mentioned that these estate affairs have brought Prisacaru a pair of handcuffs on his hands, as he is still being judged for having taken bribery. Radu Prisacaru would sacredly execute Fenechiu's orders, sending for controls at the economic agents' commands, solving the files for retrocession to certain clients but- and that's the last straw!- not for free.
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