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Revenge at the penitentiary of the Tribunal Iasi

5 Septembrie 2007
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The driver that ensured the transportation for a well-known human traffking organisation from Romania has been one step far from being killed in the penitentiary of the tribunal from Iasi. " The convict has been corporeal aggressed , but it is not sure that it was an act of revenge," declared Marius Vulpe, the director of the penitentiary. Florin Rotariu has been carried with an ambulance from the tribunal til the hospital, and the judges established another term of the trial. Rotariu has been threatened with death for weeks, but have refused the assistance of the guards, because , he declared that he can protect himself. The penitentiary does not exclude the hypothesis that some convicts were paid to aggress the driver. The lawyer of Rotariu affirms that the clan Gologan is not involved in the aggression.
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