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16 Februarie 2007
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The kitchen within the Clinic of Dermatology- managed by Prof. Dr. - was closed when, after the control made by the manager from Sf. Spiridon Hospital, there was noticed that the pinch from the patients' food was being usual. The patients will receive the meals from the hospital's kitchen, and as soon as possible, the clinic will be moved within the hospital. The guilty administrator has been removed. "We supported Barlibaba because we considered he could rectify the problems from Sf. Spiridon and that he could improve the activity of the medical clinics", stated Iulian Serban, the manager of the County House of Health Insurances of Iasi. Announced by a family that lives nearby the Clinic of Dermatology from Tatarasi, a department within Sf. Spiridon, the manager of the medical institution, Economist Ioan Barlibaba went on the scene for seeing how the pinch from the patients' food was performed. Even if the perpetrator has not been caught in flagrant, while Manager Barlibaba was doing the inventory of the alimentary goods, he noticed that a part of them were missing.
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