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Robbery on the European Road

23 Octombrie 2006
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In Drumesti commune, led by one of the richest Romanian mayors, outlawry in the landed fund domain is being practised. The villagers possessing property deeds for more than ten years for the lands inherited from parents have arisen being suddenly disppossed by force. The commune`s mayor Mihai Sabaiduc does not acknowledge the villages` propriety deeds. It is the very great stake that determines it, the lands being situated exactly on the edge of the European Road, which connects Iasi with Bucharest. Official documents prove a close friendship and interests between the public prossecutor, Emilian Eva, the main police inspector RElu Hum and Mihai Sabaiduc. The hinted lands cost a couple million Euro. The General Anti-Corruption Board within the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs has already entered the problem. The land have been given to Drumesti Mayoralty`s office workers and chiefs or to their relatives. In case anybody believes he owns a propriety deed of a land that could be inherited by his children without previously selling it or alienated it somehow, he is bitterly wrong. At least this Mihai Sabaiduc`s attitude, one of the county`s great landowners. Drumesti commune is a state within a state,the propriety deeds with the national colours on the corner and the leaders` of Iasi signatures have been cancelled by a signature in push-button pencil. It is not accidently that this affair is being investigated by the General Anti-Corruption Board within the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs.
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