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Rock Scandal

2 Iunie 2007
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Manager Adrian Caliman has signed an invalid lease. Caliman's partner has no right to administrate the sport grounds of Ciurbesti, the propriety belonging to company TEBA Industries SA of Arad. For this festival, the manager of the Student House has already paid 600 million Lei from the public funds of the institution. More serious is the fact that a first edition's event, commendable as a matter of fact, can fall through because of manager Caliman's indolence.

The press conference, organized yesterday at the Student Cultural House of Iasi by Adrian Caliman - the manager of the institution - blew up the rock festival organized in Iasi. "About half an hour ago (approximately 12 p.m.) I found out that there were problems concerning the location established at Ciurbesti. For the moment, we do not know for sure what we are going to do".

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