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Romil Goup Has Released the New Stralis Euro 5

19 Mai 2007
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Romil Group, the authorized dealer of Iveco SpA has released at Iasi the new Stralis Euro 5, which will be at the service of the people until tomorrow evening. As having been the sponsor of certain teams or of various competitions, from Formula 1 to box or tennis, Iveco has directed towards New Zeeland's national team, also known as All Blacks. Yesterday, the new Iveco Stralis Euro 5 was released at Iasi by Romil Group, authorized dealer of Iveco SpA. Until tomorrow evening, the people of Iasi can test the new car, which has been exposed from yesterday in the Palace Square. Stralis has suffered certain changes of design concerning the interior and the exterior, so that to improve comfort and security.
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