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Romtelecom Causes Scandal in Iasi

17 Martie 2007
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Plenty citizens of Iasi solicit rent for the telephony posts placed on their private propriety. A concrete case is Elena Cretu's, who sustains that Romtelecom SA has refused any discussions, affirming it has a propriety right on the land, a right which does not appear on the Land Register. The answer given to the owner by Romtelecom radically differs from the one to the daily ZIUA of Iasi. The telephony posts placed on the private properties of Iasi are a reason for disputes between the owners of the lands and SC Romtelecom SA, the greatest operator of fix telephony from Romania. A family from Bucium has required Romtelecom to negotiate a contract for positioning the post on the private propriety, practically the payment of the rent.
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