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Rotary Club from Iasi Disclosing Secrets

26 Octombrie 2006
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In order to disclose the mistery gravitating around the topnotch clubs,Tiberiu Braileanu,the current chairman of Curtea Domneasca Rotary Club has presented the main charitable activities in which the club`s members are involved.Because Rotary Club`s code of moral conduct is a very strict one,the ex-chairman Radu Prisacaru could be expelled from the selected club in Iasi.

Yesterday,the chairman and the vice-chairman of Curtea Domneasca Rotary Club gave away the activity`s secrets within a press conference which took place at Moldova Hotel.The selected club from Iasi was set up three years ago ,being the third Rotary Club in Iasi and number 30,000 in the world.

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