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Scandal at Hotel Unirea

30 Ianuarie 2007
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The current owner of Hotel Unirea, Lucian Grecu, is being in charged with having invoiced on the company Hotelier Complex Unirea SA huge amounts of money, from the rent of the conference room, which in fact belongs to SC Bond Casino Moldova SA. The company Bond Casino SA is to fail business.

From this point, the great fight between the shareholders is that for the right of using the room within Hotel Unirea, the only way through which there could be recovered the debts Bond Casino has to State. Lucian Grecu sustains he has paid the debts of Bond Casino so that the company would not go bankrupt.
The manager of the Hotelier Complex Unirea SA Iasi is being presumed of having maintained the name of the casino within the complex, also having charged the sums from the rent to the account of the firm managing the hotel. Lucian Grecu is being charged with not having booked in the Commerce Register the closedown of SC Bond Casino Moldova SA, so that the company has cumulated debts to state.

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