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Scandal Within PSD Iasi

28 Octombrie 2006
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A group of members from PSD Iasi ,formed by the local adviser Dumitru Anchidin ,Vasile Salaru -member of the party's District Board and Bogdan Abalasi-the ex-chairman of the juniors' party , adduced serious accuses to Mayor Gheorghe Nichita. The chairman of PSD Iasi is being accused of having broken the party's statute when the election for the presidency of The Youth Organization took place. These elections were won by Catalin Ivan ,supported by Gheorghe Nichita himself ,the chairman of PSD Iasi. The elections for the presidency of The Youth Organization of PSD Iasi (TSD), having taken place one week ago, stirred strong dissatisfaction within the political party. These are coming from a group of members with functions in the party. Among them,the local adviser Dumitru Anchidin ,Vasile Salaru-member of the District's Board of PSD and Bogdan Abalasi -the ex-chairman of The party's Youth's Organization. The three affirmed that the last Saturday's election for the district TSD' s presidency had been tricked because the district conference for election was not convened in a statutory way by the Executive Department and by TSD's District Board.
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