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Scandalous Election Within the Junior Social Democracy(TSD)

23 Octombrie 2006
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Certain leaders of the Junior Organization of Iasi have not been allowed at the conference for election of TSD Iasi. With the doors shut, 118 delegates unanimously elected Catalin Ivan, in fact the only candidate for the county Organizationas Presidency of TSD. "It is not a TSDas congress, but a simple folowersa meeting. The general election for TSD"s presidency are going to take place on Novembre 11, as it has already been decided", decleared Bogdan Abalas, the transient president who contested the election on Saturday. The post of president of TSDas Organization of Iasi, has stirred a real scandal inside PSD, chilled with protests, appeals, close meetings and TSDasmembers not allowed in. The way of organizing the meeting has proved to be a scuffle between the adverse parts within TSD, where the seniors have fully involved themselves.
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