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Scandalous License at the University Zairei Murgu

19 Februarie 2007
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Even though they have paid exorbitant taxes, more than a half of the graduate students from the Faculty of Law within the University "Dimitrie Cantemir" have been plowed at the license examination organized in a total secret Saturday, inside the building of Dumitru Murgu High School from Tatarasi district in Iasi.

The candidates have not even been permitted to lodge contestations to the grades given by a commission of professors from the Faculty of Law "Simion Barnutiu", within the University "Lucian Blaga" from Sibiu. Saturday's license is only a new episode among the scandals which have overwhelmed the phantom- University owned by the controversial Zaira Murgu. From 2002, the Ministry of Education disposed to close the university and also its liquidation.
More than a half of the graduated from the University" Dimitrie Cantemir", an institution liquidated in 2003, have been tricked at the license examination. After paying for taking part to this examination, only the initiation fee costing 14 million Lei, the graduated found they had been plowed by the examination board formed by professors from the University of Sibiu.

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