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Schrotter - Chargeable

24 Martie 2007
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The man of business Zaharia Scrotter has lost the trial sued against SC Iulius Group SRL Iasi, related to Palas Project. Schrotter has to pay to the company owned by Iulian Dascalu 340 million Lei (34 thousand RON), representing the court costs. The High Court of cassation and Justice of Romania obliges businessman Zaharia Schrotter pay 340 million Lei (34 thousand RON) to the company Iulius Group SRL, as the court costs. The decision is binding and it was taken within the trial which Schrotter sued against SC Iulius Group SRL for Palas Projec. Together with Sorin Ionescu, Zaharia Schrotter is the fiercest opponent to Palas Project, which has recently been approved by the Local Council's vote.
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