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Sei Bella's Billionaires without Subventions for Heat

17 Ianuarie 2007
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As a consequence to the disclosures of the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi concerning Adochitei family-the owners of Sei Bella beauty salons who have been offered government subventions for heating the flat- the municipality has started off an investigation. The readers of the daily ZIUA of Iasi revolt against this attitude of Adochitei family's, considering that the Prosecution Service should be informed. The disclosures from ZIUA of Iasi, related to Adochitei family- the owners of Sei Bella beauty centers, who also benefit by the support for heating their apartment from ANL Pacurari- has determined the municipality to institute proceedings. In case they are found guilty, the family's members will have to pay back to the government the value of the subventions they have received so far.
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