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Simirad's Betrayal

26 Februarie 2007
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The Ex- Mayor of Iasi, Constantin Simirad, is the main pawn within a diabolical plan. After the elections for the European Parliament, Simirad would go to PRM and to the extreme- right party within the European Parliament. At the end of 2006, Corneliu Vadim Tudor talked to Simirad upon this subject.

The existence of the extremist group within the European Parliament depends on Constantin Simirad's betrayal. The ex- ambassador of Romania to Cuba has been in charged with certain relations with KGB. Simirad himself has admitted having played for two parties.
Recently nominated by the leadership of PSD Iasi for the European Parliament, the Ex- Mayor of Iasi Constantin Simirad has entered a political game extremely dangerous for Romania. Thus, there is cerain information which proves that Simirad intends to become an European Congressman on PSD's lists, after which he would become a rightist of the extremist party within the European Parliament.

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