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Simirad's Betrayal

27 Februarie 2007
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The Ex- Mayor of Iasi, Constantin Simirad, is the main pawn within a diabolical plan. After the elections for the European Parliament, Simirad would go to PRM and to the extreme- right party within the European Parliament. At the end of 2006, Corneliu Vadim Tudor talked to Simirad upon this subject. The existence of the extremist group within the European Parliament depends on Constantin Simirad's betrayal. The ex- ambassador of Romania to Cuba has been in charged with certain relations with KGB Simirad himself has admitted having played for two parties. "I have acted as a real politician; I've opened the door to the rest." Recently nominated by the leadership of PSD Iasi for the European Parliament, the Ex- Mayor of Iasi Constantin Simirad has entered a political game extremely dangerous for Romania. Thus, there is cerain information which proves that Simirad intends to become an European Congressman on PSD's lists, after which he would become a rightist of the extremist party within the European Parliament. The mentioned party, called" Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty"- ITS- was founded after January 1, 2007, after the integration of Romania and Bulgaria into the European Union, having 20 members, among them 5 being from Romania and one from Bulgaria. It should be mentioned that within the European Parliament there has been instituted a sanitary band between the democrat parties and the right-extremist group, which is in fact politically isolated. Presently, Romania Mare Party is accredited with about 11 per cent from the Romanians' electoral intentions, which implicitly sends to the European Parliament only three politicians from PRM. Under the circumstances that there are needed minimum 19 congressmen in order to form a group within the European Parliament, from the 20 members of the current ITS party, there would remain only 18 after the Euro- elections from Romania. In this situation, it is decisive Simirad's desertion from PSD and his removal to the boat of Corneliu Vadim Tudor's party. An argument for such an act is that of the current situation of PRM's organization in Iasi. Here, even if there has passed a long period since the organization remained without a leadership, Corneliu Vadim Tudor has not given his confidence of organizing local elections to anybody, for the function of leader of PRM's county organization of Iasi. There must be stressed that at the end of the last year, according to the present data, the current PDS's Deputy Anghel Stanciu, an ex-member of PRM, vainly tried to turn back to Romania Mare Party. For this, he had been waiting for hours in front of Corneliu Vadim Tudor's office, but not only had the latter rejected his proposal, but he had also definitely refused any talk to Stanciu. Simirad's involvement happened in the second half of December, 2006, when there took place a debate at the highest degree within PRM, as he should have been taken by the party. Being called, PRM's Deputy Daniela Buruiana has confirmed these debates. "There has an attempt of Constantin Simirad's to come to our party, but it has not been accepted", stated Daniela Buruiana. The information owned exclusively by the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi proves the fact that, in fact, the agreement between Vadim Tudor and Constantin Simirad is exactly this: Simirad is going to be nominated on PSD's lists for the Euro-parliamentary, taking into account the only three possible Euro-parliamentarians from PRM, who are going to ITS after the elections. In this way, the nationalist group within the European Parliament would continue to exist, having a number of 19 members, through Simirad's coming. Although Deputy Buruiana has confirmed these discussions, Senator Gheorghe Funar has vehemently denied this information, while Deputy Lucian Bolcas has sat on the fence. "Neither do I exclude, nor do I confirm, as long as we consult the county organization from Iasi. We are engaged into two important actions at Iasi: the elections for the European Parliament and the one for the local party's leader", stated Deputy Lucian Bolcas. There is no doubt that, while Daniela Buruiana has been gotten drop by the journalists' question, admitting her talks to Simirad, Lucian Bolcas has given a political answer, and only Senator Funar has denied all the information. The Ex-Mayor of Iasi Town admits having negotiated "on the quiet" with PRM's members, but he wants to be elected as Euro- parliamentarian on PSD's lists, at the same time giving to understand that he is still openly negotiating with Vadim Tudor's party. "I had some talk with PRM's representatives at the end of the last year. They called me from Bucharest. There were certain debates and it was established that, in case I decided, I would call them. I acted as any politician, I let a door open. Now, in case I am elected as an euro-parliamentarian...Any Euro-parliamentarian wants to be a member of a strong parliamentary group, so it would be more convenient at PSD", confirmed on the phone Ex- Mayor Constantin Simirad, at the end of the week. The Penal Ambassador Such an action of the Ex-Mayor of Iasi, Constantin Simirad, would not be possible, taken into account his political past. In this sense, there are notorious his discussions before the general elections from 2000, when Simirad, at the respective time- the leader of the Moldavians' Party- was openly negotiating with both PNL and PSD for a fusion with his party. In fact, Simirad was trying to insure a strong party's support, so that to obtain a parliamentary mandate which would have acquitted him of the penal investigations within which he was involved. In 2003, Simirad left the mayoralty to the current Mayor Gheorghe Nichita, who is also PSD's vice-president. There should be mentioned that concerning Simirad's betrayal, after the discussions with Vadim Tudor, Gheorghe Nichita has no information. There also should be reminded the fact that, as long as he led the municipality of Iasi, Simirad was involved in numerous economic- financial scandals, with penal records within which he had been investigated and in charged with possible municipal funds embezzlements Relations with KGB When the Moldavians' Party founded, in 1998, Simirad's party was in charged with secessionist intentions by numerous politicians, certain contacts with KGB being also mentioned. Although these accusations were eliminated, afterwards, there should not be forgotten that, when leaving the City Hall of Iasi, in December, 2003, Simirad had already obtained the function of ambassador to the last bastion of the world's communism: Fidel Castro's Cuba. At the time, there were also other Romanian embassies which did not have an attaché, but Constantin Simirad preferred to leave to a communist country. Now, it is not known whether he personally preferred to leave to Fidel Castro, or this direction had been suggested by the Russian friends.
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