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Soon, Advertising- a Product's Guarantee

9 Decembrie 2006
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Consumers are going to have more rights from the 1st of January, 2007. In case a firm blazons a mobile phone, and in the ad or on the poster is specified that the respective mobile has a video cam with a certain resolution, not only should the phone have this option, but its quality shouldn't diminish for at least two years.

If it needs to be mended or replaced, it is the duty of the company which has sold the respective product, not the one's which has produced it. The shop assistants could be fined with 50- 250 million lei (5 thousand- 25 thousand RON) if they sell a product about which they know it does not work or it is already on the blink.
Consumers are going to have more rights from the 1st of January, 200, as long as the Romanian legislation concerning the Consumers Protection has been harmonized with the European one, and, moreover, the two are even identical.

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