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Statistics on Social Levels

14 Mai 2007
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To PSD's leader appeal, not less than four social classes did raise their hands as a sign of dissatisfaction towards Basescu's lip service: farmers, workers, students and young people and, finally, pensioners. All of these proved dissatisfied by the things they had been promised and what had been put into practice. "There are many people from agriculture. Have you received any grant? No! (the crowd was replying). There are many workers. Raise your hands. Have your wages increased? No! (they answered). I can see students and young people. Have they increased your scholarships? No! (they answered). And, not the least, there are many pensioners. Has Basescu given you anything? No! (the old people replied). How will you vote? ...DA..., ended Mircea Geoana his interrogations.
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