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Still no prosecution for software's pirates

5 Decembrie 2006
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In order that police would not break their computers, the most of the hubs' administrators have posted various law clauses, stopping them access the respective PCs." Anyway, all the files that have been made until now are to be finalized by not starting the prosecution for the ones that have only posted a few films. I know a certain person who has taken a Volkswagen Golf V with the money from the counterfeit CDs / DVDs. There's the real damage, not at the ones they only press on a "share" for 50 GB of information", declared an officer within the Crime Squad Iasi. After the check of the policemen from the Fraud Squad (SIF) among the ones that used to offer a large amount of information on the ordinary hubs threatened the most of the young men being in a similar situation, many of the hubs' administrations have consequently reacted for their security.
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